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Rocket Creative are immensely proud to share that March 2018 signifies the 20 Year Anniversary of their innovative and trendsetting design and display business.

Launched in February 1998, Rocket Creative has evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry. Richard Nilson, Rocket Creative’s founder and MD, elaborates: “Having launched Rocket Creative from very idealistic beginnings, the intent has always been to operate with an entirely unconventional and inventive design approach. We have succeeded in building a career and respected business out of doing something that we love. Our job is essentially to build things that we dream up, and have someone else pay for them. It is 100% driven by passion, having the opportunity of doing something so neat and unique that no one has ever seen before.”

Rocket Creative’s strength lies in their ultra-focused approach and a comprehensive 360° understanding of their design and business environment. This is mated to their home brewed and proudly South African creative insight. The crew are focused on perpetual evolution and output excellence, and have a deep belief that their business effectiveness is driven by their creative fineness.

Having begun their 20th year in the most rewarding manner to date, the crew are working on significant improvements to their operation to further evolve their already impressive abilities. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the display industry the crew are suitably skilled to interpret your requirements and propose unique, creative and ultra-functional solutions.

Rocket Creative would welcome the opportunity to assist you with boosting your brand’s visibility. To get in touch with Rocket Creative please you may either call their Kelvin, Sandton, offices on 011 262 4698 to discuss your brief, or alternatively you may send an enquiry email directly to for a prompt and creative response.

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