Our Focus

Rocket Creative Design & Display offers innovative, trend setting display products that allow our clientele to present their brand identities in a style that pays homage to their blue chip pedigree.

As a Johannesburg based business and we service both corporate end users directly as well as all types of advertising, activation, and other intermediary agencies alike. Although based in Johannesburg, we originate trend setting display equipment that holds its own in both our South African and export based, international markets.

Our Pedigree

With a core focus on the design and origination of uber-authentic display, brand activation, promo / demo retail equipment, merchandising and point-of-sale display hardware, we fuse our creativity and innovation with our very particular approach to fabrication.

These specialities are blended with the utmost integrity, accountability, and sound operational controls to ensure a first world service. Our fundamental values are mated to our ‘Simple Yet Sophisticated’ creative belief as, ultimately, at the heart of every one of our successful product designs lies UX – the user experience.

Our Key Objectives

To deliver creatively and aesthetically unrivalled product at an unbeatable price.

Originality of design, product quality, affordability, and value for money are all key points in our company vision.

To develop, cement & maintain healthy long-term relationships with our customers

One of our core beliefs is developing long-term relationships with our core clients. This allows us to effectively identify and address the intense nature of their specific business needs, and to provide the necessary resources and expertise to support their business.

To deliver unparalleled service

Rocket Creative has spent considerable time, money, and effort on up-skilling our staff, bringing key services in-house, and streamlining our systems to benefit our customers. These investments in infrastructure and systems are used to tightly control our production quality, as well as a large inventory of componentry, kept on hand to supply the ever-increasing needs of our customers in the shortest possible lead times.

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From a personal perspective – Richard Nilson, founder and owner.

I founded Rocket Creative Design & Display in February of 1998, as many new businesses are, as a dreamy, idealistic way to attempt to ‘make your passion your pay check’,as the cliché goes.

In the years that followed those naive visions became a reality, a reality that after a mammoth amount of hard work, dedication, challenges, and commitment, I am immensely proud and honoured to present Rocket Creative as an established and respected player in the design and display industry.

Our entire business model is built on personal core values of quality, integrity, accountability, ethics, and the principal belief that the only way to generate outstanding results is to work incredibly hard and most importantly, to love what you do. These same values have now become the foundation of our entire business.

Over the years we have evolved exponentially and have had the opportunity to forge many very special, long lasting relationships with incredible clientele and big brands that identify and value our personal investment in our evolution.

I believe that this ethos, combined with our very anti-norm, trend setting and perpetually evolving product offering is one of the fundamental reasons that Rocket Creative is honoured to enjoy such remarkable support from both local industry players, as well as many of the most respected brands in the world.

The creative environment demands passion and we absolutely love what we do, and I’d love you to join us on our evolution.

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