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In-store retail engagement – a simple yet significant medium

By June 22, 2017January 17th, 2020No Comments
Despite the burgeoning global trend towards digital marketing, in-store face-to-face engagement with the consumer still forms a crucial role in both introducing new products, as well as directly influencing the shopper’s purchasing decision at the final point-of-purchase.

Rocket Creative Design & Display works closely with global brands and their respective advertising and brand activation agencies to ensure that the promotion generates as much visual impact as possible as this is the initial drawcard. Not only must the unit be impactful but they also have to be as easy as possible to transport and install. The vast majority of promotional display hardware is transported by the promoter themselves, and more often than not the necessary medium is public transport.

Richard Nilson, Rocket Creative founder and MD, elaborates, “All of our in-store demo products are purpose-designed to meet the very specific requirements dictated by this application. They are intentionally designed to be functionally simple allowing not only for ease of assembly, but ease of fabrication as this directly affects a unit’s cost. Form follows function and creativity is interwoven into each unit’s functional necessity.

Rocket Creative have developed an extensive, category-specific standard range of elements that clients may select from on demand. Each of these standard models are tried-and-trusted solutions, and custom details can be added to make the units more brand-specific. The benefit of a standard solution is that they are generally available in shorter turnaround times, plus that they are the most cost-effective solutions as well. Should a standard model not suit the application, the Rocket Creative crew excel in origination fully bespoke solutions in response to detailed briefs which are all budget-, size-, quantity- and lead time-specific.

Due to the constrained retail environments a compact and mobile demo trolley is a great functional option for FMCG brands and their respective promotional companies. Built to deliver either a Micro 350mm x 350mm work surface or a 505mm (w) x 420mm (d) work surface, these two models provide an adequate work surface for most generic promotions.

Trolley models are available as a basic, trolley-only format or with a range of branding mechanics such as AdPosts, Graphic Back Drops, Header or Bulk Head options.

All standard trolley models may be further customised to provide promo-specific functionality or activity such as spinning wheels, lucky draw bins, etc. Costs and lead times are feature specific on demand.
Promoters conducting more elaborate demonstrations generally require a larger work surface. Rocket Creative’s Demo Table is the industry norm and measures 880mm (w) x 410mm (d) surface area. Tables are supplied as standard with an internal base shelving level with additional central shelving levels as an optional extra on demand. Once again, all table models are available as a basic, table-only format or with a range of optional branding mechanics such as AdPosts, Graphic Back Drops, Header or Bulk Head options.
All Demo Table models are fully customisable or accessorised, as well as totally unique designs being originated on request.

Rocket Creative also boast their industry original EcoLITE Elliptical Demo Plinth range. Their new fabrication methodology delivers a product that is 35% lighter than its predecessor, provides a far more finished aesthetic and, most importantly for in-store use, is very cost effective. The all-encompassing flexible graphic wrap delivers a blue-chip, ultra-slick aesthetic whilst providing fully concealed internal storage for promoters. A tool-free, effortless assembly in under five minutes seals the premium product deal.

The range comprises three standard models, those being:
Mini EcoLITE Elliptical Demo Plinth / as per Wella image: 400mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 950mm (h)
Midi EcoLITE Elliptical Demo Plinth / as per USN image: 600mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 950mm (h)
Maxi EcoLITE Elliptical Demo Plinth / as per Vodacom image: 800mm (w) x 500mm (d) x 950mm (h)

For assistance empowering your brand using Rocket Creatives’ innovative visual communication display solutions the Rocket Creative crew are available on or are just a phone call away at + 27 (11) 262 4698.

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