MOBI-Floor Branding System


Our innovatively conceived MOBI-Floor Branding System was expressly developed to address the demands of the portable short term, small to medium-sized brand activation and promotional applications where multiple, time-sensitive installations are required.

The key deliverable was that a single person is able to transport the floor to the location and install it themselves, effortlessly. The ease of use and ultra-compact transportation format also makes the kits an ideal solution for both national and international campaigns due to its cost-effective compact distribution.

The floor branding kits are available in three standard sizes with bespoke sizes and shapes available upon request.

– Mini Mobi-Floor Branding Kit / 1.5 x 1.5m square format
– Midi Mobi-Floor Branding Kit / 2m x 2m square format
– Maxi Mobi-Floor Branding Kit / 3m x 3m square format