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Our product range below presents elements that are purpose-designed for the in-store promotional environment. All elements are designed with simplistic ease of use, functionality, affordability, and ease of transport and installation being the key deliverables.

When identifying suitable demo or display elements for in-store retail, a critical issue to consider is under what conditions they will be transported. While all units below are suitable for in-store promotion, not all elements can be distributed on public transport. This issue is often overlooked when selecting a suitable element, resulting in the promoter struggling with the units and the unit being prematurely damaged in transit.

We have shown both standard catalogue products as well as bespoke derivatives tailored to suit client specific requirements. An important point to remember is that any of our standard product can be further modified or enhanced to clients customised requirements, and clients are welcome to send their campaign-specific briefs for conceptual origination

All unit costs are both specification and volume dependent, and clients are required to please send their enquiries and / or specific briefs to us at for firm quotations.