FSU Solutions / Wood Fabrication / Bespoke


Wood fabricated displays allow considerable customisation options, as composite woods, laminates, veneers, and solid woods can be machined to create virtually any form.

However, the primary disadvantage with wood fabrication, such as MDF, is that any paint is purely a surface coating, and as such, is very prone to damage if used in the wrong applications.

As an example, a wood fabricated FSU won’t last long in a high traffic retail environment, nor in any activation type activity where constant shipping and set-up is a requirement.

Our proficient crew has the expertise to accurately establish a unit’s exact requirements, application, and deliverables.

All pertinent factors are discussed during the brief period, and a suitable design proposal is delivered to satisfy both functionality, aesthetics, and budgetary parameters.

All bespoke inquiries are keenly accepted, and we welcome you to call to arrange a briefing.

Alternatively, please email your inquiry to hello@rocketcreative.co.za for prompt assistance.