FSU Solutions / Plastic Fabrication / Bespoke


For FSU stands that require a longer lifespan than the short-term disposable units, we create ultra-unique units from extruded plastic sheets. The ABS or PST sheeting provides a waterproof solution, impervious to moisture and thus far more durable in-store.

The sheet material is CNC shaped and formed into any creative design and is accessorised with a range of graphic treatments. The material thickness, which plays a significant part in the unit cost, is selected based on each unit’s weight carry capacity and detailed design features.

The production method delivers a high finished standard, and units are not susceptible to failure due to water damage in retail.

From an environmental perspective, due to its ability to withstand being heated and cooled multiple times, ABS is highly suitable for recycling.

All pertinent factors are discussed during the brief period, and a suitable design proposal is delivered to satisfy both functionality, aesthetic, and budgetary parameters.

All bespoke enquiries are welcome so please either call to arrange a briefing, or alternatively, please email your enquiry to hello@rocketcreative.co.za for prompt assistance.