FSU Solutions / Plastic Fabrication / Bespoke


We design and manufacture long-lasting, unique units for certain FSU solutions. These units are created from composite plastic sheets, making them resistant to moisture and highly durable for in-store use. We consider all relevant factors when discussing your needs and provide a design proposal that meets functionality, aesthetics, and budget requirements.

We shape these sheets using CNC technology, giving them creative designs and adding graphics. Sheet thickness is based on the unit’s weight loading capacity and design. Our production method ensures a high-quality finish, and these units won’t fail due to water damage in retail settings.

From an environmental standpoint, composite plastic sheeting is recyclable because it can withstand multiple heating and cooling cycles.

If you have any custom requests, please contact us for a briefing. You’re welcome to call to discuss, or send us a brief to hello@rocketcreative.co.za, and we’ll assist you speedily.