Eco-Ply Free Standing Display / Square


Our Square Eco-Ply FSU design features a striking geometric aesthetic form and is created with beautiful natural materials which are intricately manufactured.

The plywood material offers an eco-friendly solution with the principal advantages being its sustainable resource classification, which is critical for today’s eco-sensitive environment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unit size @ 500mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 2050mm(h) as standard
  • Five shelving levels as standard with a 380mm shelf interval height
  • Additional shelving level may be added on request
  • Printed header double sided with printed PI labels around shelf edges
  • Sealed with moisture-resistant natural stain, with a range of standard colours available
  • Eco-friendly/sustainable plywood material structure
  • Creative and unique design solutions are achievable
  • Hard-wearing, thus very durable delivering a long life span
  • Supplied totally flat-pack, allowing for ultra-compact volumetric shipping costs

Due to its bespoke nature, every brief would be assessed and custom-designed. Each design uses a particular plywood type and thickness to deliver its specific load-bearing requirements.

Every element is originated to be fully modular and ultra flat-pack, allowing for the most compact volumetric distribution possible.

Treatments of the plywood structures include logo laser etching, colour staining, painting and sealing for maximised durability.

Solutions can be targeted for product merchandising, visual display/signage elements, retail displays, countertop displays, phone displays, etc.

Virtually anything and everything that can be made from metals or plastics can be made in this technique, the only limitation is the client’s budget and Rocket Creative’s ingenuity.