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An ingenious new branding product, the MOBI-Floor Branding Kit, has been developed and released to the market by the ever-inventive Rocket Creative Design & Display.
To date, an effortless, high quality, reusable printed flooring solution has not existed on the South African market – until now that is. The only options that have been available have been branded carpets, printed industrial rubber floor tiles, wood panels with vinyl cladding or lastly, plain vinyl graphics applied directly to tiles floors, which only last a single application. All of these options have been both very labour intensive to work with and expensive to transport. These very challenges planted the seed for the origination of the Mobi-Floor Kit concept.

The kit is purpose designed and produced to fulfill the portable floor branding demand most often encountered or required by those clientele operating wanting to expose their brands within the brand activation and retail display environments. These include the micro retail applications such as AE kits, Promo Outposts etc within stores. It also includes the mall court and expo stand market where multiple, time sensitive installations are required for brand activation campaigns, product launches etc

Mobi-Floor originator and Rocket Creative MD, Richard Nilson elaborates on his product, “Our extensive exposure in the portable display industry produces a continual demand for an impactful floor branding solution that is user-friendly and re-usable. To date, the choices available have been very limited and by identifying this demand we originated our self-contained kit solution. The primary deliverable was that a single person is able to transport the floor to the desired location and install it themselves, effortlessly. We are incredibly pleased to say that our absolutely unique product ticks all the boxes in this regard. The ease of use and compact, cost-effective transportation format also makes the kits an ideal solution for both national and international brand activation campaigns.”

Standard format kits launched are the Mini MOBI (1.5m square), Midi MOBI (2m square) and Maxi MOBI (3m square) turnkey kit derivatives, with bespoke sizes and shapes easily accommodated upon request. Weighing in at 8.7kg complete for a 2m x 2m floor the kit solution is ultra-portable and incredibly easy to install in under 5 minutes by a single person. The kits have panels of up to 1m wide which are butt joined and adhered into place with standard carpet tape, as is required with any temporary floor branding within a retail environment.

The unique kit solution is poised to take the retail display, activation and events industries by storm with its inventive and ultra-practical product. To get a MOBI-Floor product for your 2016 year end campaign please contact Rocket Creative Design & Display at +27(11) 262 4698 or email your enquiry to

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