Titan Spin & Win (Spinning) Wheel


Our range-topping Titan Spin n’ Win Wheel is our ingeniously engineered, hinged metal sub-structure that contains no loose structural components apart from the arrow.

The rotating wheel has segment pins that locate each widget, and a flexible arrow ‘arm’ connects with the pins when spun to emit the typical fairground spinning wheel noise.


  • One-piece hinged metal sub-frame powder-coated to white, black, or silver as standard colorways
  • Custom colours available from standard available colour powder upon request
  • CNC contour-cut melamine rotating wheel with locator pins indicating each widget size
  • Flexible arrow ‘arm’ connects with the pins when spun to produce the typical fairground spinning wheel noise
  • Segment artwork can be portioned into either 4, 6, 8, or 12 panels with a center-mounted logo and base panel for maximum brand messaging.
  • Artwork panels may be rebranded so campaign creative can be updated as and when needed.


  • Removable widget sets for individual prize replacement on-site

Unit Dimensions: 1100mm (w) x 650mm (d) x 2100mm (h)

Unit Weight: 45kg

Packaged Dims: 1240mm (w) x 315mm(d) x 1520mm (h)