School Desk Germ Protection Screen / Frameless


Purpose-designed for school desk applications, we offer a range comprising three models, each of which is available in all standard desk sizes.

Our Frameless design fabrication is manufactured from an unbreakable, impact-resistant material, which is CNC cut and formed to create the shape.

Screens are designed in an L shape to a 650mm height, and when fitted to desks side by side, protects students from germ transmission from the front, rear, left, and right directions.

Screens have the ability to be flipped top or bottom to allow for the L ‘wing’ to be facing to the left or right, allowing full adaptability for left or right facing classroom environments.

Screens will be supplied with silicone-based self-adhesive tape, which is incredibly strong but can be removed carefully and will not leave any residue.

The L shape of the screens enables them to be nested when packaged, allowing them to be compactly & securely packaged for bulk transit

NOTE: All screen options are subject to material availability.