School Desk Germ Protection Screens / Eco-Flute


Purpose-designed for school desk applications, we offer a range comprising three models, each of which is available in all standard desk sizes.

Our Eco-Flute Desk Screen is our most cost-effective germ protection screen with a segmented panel design. It combines a fully transparent perspex front panel with a fluted side panel which allows for both a cost-saving as well as weight saving, which becomes an important issue when shipping.

The kit format is supplied completely flat-packaged, and on-site, the two individual panels are effortlessly joined to provide the L shaped transmission prevention functionality.

Screens are designed in an L shape to a 650mm height, and when fitted to desks side by side, will protect students from germ transmission from the front, rear, left, and right-hand side directions.

Screens may be flipped top or bottom to allow for the L ‘wing’ to be facing to the left or right, allowing full adaptability for left or right facing classroom environments.

Screens are be supplied with silicone-based self-adhesive tape, which is incredibly strong but can be removed carefully and do not leave any residue on the desk.

NOTE: All screen options are subject to material availability.