Promotional Gazebo / Square


Our square format promo-shade comprises an aluminium fold-up sub-structure with a peaked pyramid-shaped material roof with side valances.

Standard sizes available at 2m, 2.5m, 2.8m and 3m square formats with the 2.5m available in Eco-Line for shorter-term promo applications where budget is the deciding factor.

For a more premium, longer life application the Lux-Line spec is the other square available option. All shade options are supplied complete with pegs, ropes and a rubber mallet for securing in windy conditions.

The printed shades are both waterproof and UV resistant and may be supplied either fully or partially printed, with optional extras such as half & full side walls.

A range of accessories and packaging options are also available to meet your project-specific application and budget.

We invite you to call our client service to attend to your enquiry, or alternatively email us on and we will promptly assist.