GeoPisa Demo Plinth


A further exciting new entry to our demo plinth range is our visually unorthodox Pisa Plinth, named as such for rather obvious reasons. Utilising a crafty structural design we were able to create our second angled plinth format which is as striking, especially when used in sets. Once again, the geometrically inspired demo plinth design is aesthetically attention-grabbing due to its very unusual form, and this translates to maximised attention to your product on display.


  • Lightweight hollow-core structure with durable melamine work surface
  • Acrylic header and base display panel with full cover printed visuals
  • Digitally printed, replaceable graphic wraps
  • Units are supplied fully assembled carton box packaged for secure distribution


  • LED under-lighting for acrylic base platform
  • Cable managers and IT security devices
  • Custom sizes upon request

Unit Dimensions:: 400mm x 400mm x 940mm (h)
Unit Weight: 7.9kg