Eco Germ Protection Screen / Social Distancing


Our unique Eco Germ Protection Screens provide a cost-effective protective effort to combat germ transmission at retail touchpoints.

The Eco Screens provide an ideal solution as a cost-effective and volume-based personal protection element. We identified certain key disadvantages with clear acrylic germ screens, namely a high unit cost, the fragility of acrylic, the lead time required to manufacture in large volumes, and poor availability of acrylic in volume.

Our product solves all of these issues and is an ideal solution purpose-built for our independent and informal markets.

We offer three variations of the Eco-Screens, namely a single free-standing screen, a free-standing screen with side wing option, as well as a single screen option for suspension from ceilings.

Bespoke artwork can be printed to specification as required for companies and brands looking to protect the public by supplying these elements to the communities they serve.